Sunday, April 21, 2013

Turkish delight

I noticed that there's a new barber's next door to Uncle Fester's Diner. I have to point out here that Uncle Fester's Diner does exist and it's just down the road from Railway Cuttings. I was taken by an exchange between the owner and one of his schoolboy customers:

Child: "Are you really Uncle Fester?" 
Uncle Fester lookalike: "Fuck off."
I noticed that the new place was advertising "Turkish shaves." Turkish shaves? I asked The Small Object of Desire who told me that it's the proper stuff with hot towels and that. The sort of thing you see in the fillums. I have always hankered after one of those but convinced myself that they don't exist in real life. And they're doing them down the road.

If you find yourself eating a sulky meat pie that keeps harking back to the 1930's you'll know the back story.


Lulu LaBonne said...

I've seen them doing one of those Turkish Shaves, it looks as though they'll singe off your nose and ear hairs as part of the service - I'm all for it!

dinahmow said...

There was rumoured to be a classy "establishment for gentlemen" in London, where the chaps could have such a shave after the other entertainment.
I wonder if it was true?

Gadjo Dilo said...

I think I had one of them Turkish shaves once in Macedonia. The guy kept winking at me - all part of the service, I guess.

libby said...

Have the'll have a face as smooth as a babies backside after.