Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Are you what we doctors call "Quite Well?"

Psychiatrists at the University of Gaberdene have determined that people agreeing with two or more of the following statements may find themselves belabouring under a lucrative clinical condition:

  • When I make a pot of tea I do not have the urge to stick the tea cosy on my head, jam my arm up my jumper and start muttering: "Not tonight, Josephine!"
  • When trying to be detected by a motion sensor for office lights or automatic doors I do not make jazz hands and shout: "Mammy!"
  • When I see a sign saying: "To Let" I say: "Toilet."
  • I don't shout: "He's behind you!" during the battlement scene in Hamlet.
  • When confronted by an upturned umbrella in the bath I do not have to quell the urge to have a crap in it.
How well did you do, chums?


Scarlet Blue said...

I only do two of those things :-(

Scarlet Blue said...

P.S I haven't given up my blogging challenges. I just don't want to blog about the elephant in the room so I am waiting quietly for it to wander off on its own accord.

dinahmow said...

It's a trick question, isn't it?

savannah said...

uh, no?

xoxoxoxo :)

Gadjo Dilo said...

I have actually said "He's behind you!" during a scene in Hamlet!!. (It was a just a rehearsal, mind). The others are new on me but I shall definitely try them out in an effort to be normal.