Friday, March 22, 2013

Career opportunities we missed

We were watching "It Shouldn't Happen To An Australian Zoo Vet" or somesuch on the Discovery Channel. Much time was spent on the business of giving a giant tortoise a barium enema. Isn't that brilliant? A world full of pain and misery and there are still people willing to go about the place giving tortoises barium enemas.

What a glorious and wonderful thing it would be to have that on your curriculum vitae: "I have the ability to give give tortoises the shits."


dinahmow said...

My CV is a bit like that, with "tortoises" replaced with a more generic "beaurocrats."

Scarlet Blue said...

Too much supermarket lettuce and not enough dandelion usually does the trick.
As you can imagine, my cv is sprinkled with gems such as this.... but mostly under the heading: Spare Time Activities.

Kevin Musgrove said...

dinahmow: There's no art in that, we move more slowly.

Scarlet: The move to the West Country has afforded you such opportunities.

wendy house said...

oh! thanks for the heads-up, I must practice my reptile handling skills, they are sadly below par