Friday, March 29, 2013

Some of the ones I should have saved for the secret secret blog

Some more post titles lost to the mists...

  • Now look what you made me do: I've squashed a chaffinch!
  • Can you hear the Trappists sing?
  • Blue geraniums will mean your biro's leaking
  • Jamming with the Freddie and the Dreamers tribute band
  • Jimmy's magic patch: a social worker writes
  • We've had to nail down the mobile chip shop
  • The Girl With The Peggy Mount Tattoo
  • Arsehole's Comedy
  • Heaven and Charing Cross
  • The Shrieking Pit and other lollipop ladies


Scarlet Blue said...

I am somewhat ruffled this morning, seeing as Blogger has only allowed me to publish half a post... the rest of it has probably joined Peggy Mount and the Dreamers.
These things are sometimes best kept secret.

savannah said...

tell me more, sugar! ;) the other day i looked at the number of posts that are still in the draft file....yeah, it's always good when things aren't shared, except, of course, they're really good bloggerpals! xoxoxoxo

dinahmow said...

So...were you able to revive the chaffinch?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Scarlet: I had a spate of those last year. Which is why I gave up tryng to blog on the 'phone.

Savannah: yup

dinahmow: Yes, but we couldn't save the Polo mints.

Syncopated Eyeball said...

Oh, Kevin, you're so funny. I must come back, remove my socks and wiggle my toes more often. :)