Monday, April 23, 2012

Music to panic by

That nice Pearl periodically uses the caprices of title selection by audio shuffle to read the auguries of the day. The serendipity of this appeals to me rather so I thought I'd have a shot at it during a tram ride to the Small Object of Desire's gaff...

The songs my iPhone threw out at me were:

  • Half Man Half Biscuit: "Joy Division Oven Gloves"
  • Smokey Wood and the Wood Chips: "Keep on Truckin'"
  • Allan Sherman: "It's a Most Unusual Play"
  • Henry Hall: "Here Comes The Bogeyman"
  • The Supernaturals: "The Day Before Yesterday's Man"
  • Weird Al Yankowicz: "Jurassic Park"
If anyone wants me I'll be curled up in a ball over there...

1 comment:

nursemyra said...

the only one I've heard of is Weird Al