Friday, April 13, 2012

Unearthed treasure

Frabjous joy.

Frog, clearing the decks in readiness for one or other of the latest bits of nonsense, accidentally disinterred a bit of history. He has found the only remaining entire copy, in living colour, of the pantomime we co-wrote about fourteen years ago: "Blibala and the Forty Beancats." We wrote it over the space of five weeks, each taking a turn at writing a page and largely ignoring anything in the way of plot, characterisation, continuity or plain common sense that may have crept into the earlier portion of the script. We printed off a few copies, covers boldly declaring that the whole shebang had been sponsored by Socko, the Wonder Duck-Whitener. I managed to lose my copy in the move over to Railway Cuttings (ditto the unpublished A0 poster version of "King of the B-Movies" starring Stanley Baldwin as Sexton Blake).

I'll stir myself to share the joy over the next few days. I'm still quite pleased with the ending.


nursemyra said...

looking forward to the sharing

Macy said...

Will there be a link to YouTube as well??

Kevin Musgrove said...

Ta nursie!

Macy: My God, that's so tempting! Part of Frog's exit strategy should the current job go pear-shaped involves his becoming a freelance story-teller. He's just daft enough to give it a go.