Saturday, February 14, 2009

I didn't say this

Being a local government officer I'm subject to the legislation passed in the eighties which Tony and Gordon and David and Jack were dead agin right up to the point where they became the government and found it a convenient cosh to wave against the dissenters so I'm not allowed to voice any political opinions and I couldn't possibly say that after a decade of his licking the arseholes of the City of London Gordon Brown's saying that he's going to get tough with the bankers is like Vidkun Quisling saying he's the Norwegian Winston Churchill.

Which is a shame as I'd quite like to have said it.


scarlet-blue said...

Bankers? Show them some interest and they'll be off with your knickers... bra, mattress, bedsprings, head-board... and more than likely, the roof over your head

savannah said...

i'm glad you didn't say all of that, sugar! ;) xoxox