Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sweet F.A.

I have a long-distance relationship with football: mildly interested but not so much as to be arsed watching a match, even on the telly. Even so, I'm often amazed at just how badly run the whole shebang is. UEFA, FIFA, FA, Premier League, all skittering about in squanderbug worlds of their own.

It hit home this week. FA Cup Final weekend. Manchester City vs. Wigan Athletic. David and Goliath stuff, full of the romance of the FA Cup. So the run-up to it has all been about Alec Ferguson's retirement. And the Sunday after the the Final. And the game itself was rescheduled so as to put the mockers on the BBC's early evening programming.

Back when I was more interested, the FA Cup Final was the last event of the season. The league titles had all been won and all the promotions and relegations done and dusted so we could all settle back for the year's finale. 3pm on that final Saturday we and the world would know that battle had commenced. It might be a dour grind between the big boys of the time; a daftly romantic battle of unequals or just some scrappy mess but whatever it was it would be one for the books.

It still could and should be.

For the record, I'm dead sorry that City lost but I think it's good for football that Wigan won. It would have been better had Wigan's win been the last word on the season.


dinahmow said...

I gave up serious following years ago. I'd watch "match of the day" on Saturday night and, bugger me! By the time I got the Sunday papers half the players had been sold off, traded or sacked.And all those mangagers poncing about in vicuna coats!
Then Rugby Union went commercial and my world fell apart.

libby said...

I do not have a sporting bone in my body but even I remember that when I was young the FA cup was quite a big Saturday....we would see the players wives and the big build up etc.,
Passed me by completely this time around.

Nota Bene said...

Oh was this the FA Cup? I saw there was a match on but it hadn't registered it was an important one! I couldn't have put your sentiments better is ever the case