Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mag 168

elderly couple waiting for something or someone

"Did you remember to buy mints?"
"Yes, I remembered to buy mints."
"You didn't get those soft ones did you? They stick in my teeth."
"I got those big white ones you like crunching up while I'm trying to hear the telly."
"Good. I don't like those soft ones."
"Did you remember to lock the back door?"
"I remembered to lock the back door. Then you went back to check that I remembered to lock the back door. Twice."
"Oh my God! I left the gas on!"
"No you didn't."
"I don't remember switching it off after I'd boiled the eggs."
"You did. And you made me go back to make sure that you had."
"Are you sure?"
"I don't remember that. Shouldn't we...?"
"Stop your wittering woman. We're going on holiday and we're leaving all that stuff behind. And that's that."
"It's all well and good you saying that but what happens if we come back to find we've left the gas on?"
"If the worst comes to the worst and the house gets blown up we can always doss down in Molly's shed. Now stop worrying. We're supposed to be on holiday."
"Well, if one of us didn't worry where would we be?"
"We nearly weren't on that train in time. Pack it in and have a mint."
"Oh good, you got the ones I like."
"It'll be nice to get away from it all, won't it?"
"How's your Dennis' leg?"
"You were right: it is teak."
"I thought so. You can't spend all those years watching "The Antiques Roadshow" without learning something."
"You don't see teak these days."
"No. Our Doreen's dining room set was teak veneer. It was very nice. Contemporary."
"I suppose you don't see teak these days because it's cruel to elephants."
"How do you mean, cruel? To elephants?"
"They had all them elephants in the logging plantations hefting the tree trunks all about. It was very cruel."
"That's what elephants do. They trundle round, knocking trees over and chucking them about the jungle."
"Those little men that sit on their backs. That's what's cruel. They tell the elephant what to do by poking it behind the ears with a sharpened stick."
"Aye, well I can see as that's not much fun."
"Cruel I call it."
"There's times when I think that our Dennis could usefully be poked behind the ears with a sharpened stick. If his mum had poked him behind the ears with a sharpened stick a few times when he was younger he wouldn't be the trouble to her he his today."
"Here. Have one of these."
"I got you some wine gums."

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Murr Brewster said...

"I got those big white ones you like crunching up while I'm trying to hear the telly." Aaaaah

Thank you for popping in on me again. Somehow your link squirted through one of the wormholes in my cranial collection, and out into the great beyond, or beneath, or before, and I've been out of touch. I hate when that happens. Because you're so GOOD.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Ah, bless you lady.

dinahmow said...

Shame about them elephants, though.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Contemporary indeed. We have a nice mahogony veneer magazine rack and an elephant's leg veneer umbrella stand in the hall.

Pat said...

It's the iron with me. I once left it on for a week.

Kevin Musgrove said...

dinahmow: quite so, quite so...

Gadjo: I always worried about contemporary legs. An elephant's foot umbrella stand is a thing of beauty.

Pat: Eeek! I once left the back door unlocked for a fortnight. How I got away with it God knows.

libby said...

Ah the joy of a long life and marriage....

Kevin Musgrove said...

All those peppermints…