Monday, November 07, 2011

The intellectual rigour of the English sabbath

The quiet English Sunday is an opportunity for sober reflection of the big issues of life and the prolonged digestion of the issues and outcomes of our current affairs media.

Today we have mulled over:

  • The merits — or not — of the lamb chop, roast potato and minty peas smoothie;

  • Queen Victoria's moustache cup; and

  • Cats' bottoms.


dinahmow said...

Indeed, very worthy topics.Not necessarily interchangeable, but worthy.

Kevin, I know Ziggi was a reader of this blog. If you'd like to know more she has cranked up a new blog here

Britta said...

Dear Kevin,
British Sunday - celebrated in songs of some bands in the Sixties - is still an institution? Here they ruin the 'seemingly' useless Sunday (they cannot sell anything) by opening up oh so many stores as an "extra Sunday treat". A little ennui - and such interesting topics as yours - to discuss - are balm for the soul!

libby said...

Mmmmmmm...strokes chin and looks quizzical.........

Pat said...

I'll settle for the lamb chop - with apple jelly please.

Nota Bene said...

There are definitely too many cats on the interweb all ready. Bottoms are a different matter entirely

No Good Boyo said...

There's nothing that lamb doesn't go with. Try lamb trifle - seriously.

Anonymous said...

we serve those smoothies at the gimcrack

Kevin Musgrove said...

Big thanks dinahmow. Fingers crossed for her.

Britta: not so much these days -- the shops open after mid-day but we're generally weekend slugabeds and end up having this sort of conversation before finally admitting we have to get up.

libby: probably for the best

Pat: and hundreds and thousands?

Nota Bene: my sentiments entirely.

Boyo: cf my answer to Pat.

nursemyra: one of its many attractions