Saturday, October 29, 2011

Tramlines of the mind

My dad used to work in Norbury's Printers in Old Trafford and although that, and all the other small factories that lined Elsinore Road, have been gone this past twenty years it still seems strange to see the place converted into a tram depot.

It's a changing world and I'm conscious that I'm slowing down. The first signs that the world was getting a bit fast for me came in the aftermath of the bomb in Manchester. All of a sudden, my lovely old city with the Lino a bit tatty round the edges was having facelifts and makeovers and whatnot. These days you can't move for designer doodads and footballers' danglies. 

Then they decided to turn the Pomona Docks into a small Manhatten skyline of empty offices and renamed part of Salford MediaCityUK. Where once was the U.C.P. tripeworks now there are sharp young men tweeting in CamelCase.

It wasn't all better in Th'owd days, no of course it wasn't. But I could keep up with it all.


Britta said...

I loved the old trams and tramlines in Bremen - a guy with an utterly interesting "change-sorting purse" came collecting the fare - and when he asked "15?" I proudly corrected him "16!" - which meant: paying the adult fare - so silly one can be (even tweeting in CamelCase I fear :-)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Britta: we all spent childhood trying too hard to be grown-up. :-)

libby said...

That 'it was better in my day' feeling is bittersweet...we know it isn't true but we hate acknowledging that we have joined a club we never thought we would join.......

Macy said...

My kid's appalled at the thought of life with black and white tv, no internet and no pasta.
My mother's appalled at the thought of life with smoking bans, personal computers and mobile phones.
We've all got our own version of best of times.

Kane said...

Oh well Kevin, I suppose it's only human to feel such things. To long for days gone by.

I feel that way sometimes too. When I miss my younger self, and all his dreams and desires.