Thursday, June 23, 2011

More most we pissed...

Part the second of a very occasional series...

  • The parting of the gravy
  • It's not your birthday yeti
  • You can tell it's real, it's got plastic fingers
  • Sometimes the only solution to organisational failure is Dale Winton in a tutu
  • The funeral was a gay affair and everybody laughed
  • Thus do the wives of great men help save their husbands' modesty
  • Two shakes of a lamb's doo-dah
  • On hearing the first bunyip of Spring
  • Waggling their MBEs
  • The head of the herd was calling far, far away
  • I have a spontaneously-combusting log
  • A Corby Viking press
  • A bed full of pamphlet pokers
  • Bringing up "that clear thing"


Lulu LaBonne said...

I say do those before a drink - it's only alcohol that makes me coherent

libby said...

aye 'appen....

Pat said...

I can't get past Winton in a tutu.

Anonymous said...

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Kevin Musgrove said...

Lulu: how true those words are, even today.

Libby: nah then, nah then…

Pat: you could, he's lost weight and everything.

Boycott American Women: get a grip, man, you're in danger of making an exhibition of yourself.