Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Some posts we missed

Madame De Farge was asking about the whereabouts of the post titles I haven't used in the other blog. I may be using some of them for the secret history, but I thought I might share a few from the lucky bag once every so often. Here's a random selection.

  • Plagued by spider kittens
  • A flash of masculine idiocy
  • Just like Nelson did at the Battle of Waterloo
  • Could you give a loud whistle just in case anything cracks
  • If this works I'll be known as somebody with healing feet
  • In the line of duty I've had to put things up people's noses
  • Did he actually say: "Ahoy there!"?
  • On passing lilac urine
  • Prince Philip said: "Get your finger out!" and that cut us to the quick
  • The Jane From Hell's Kitchen
  • Kindly Omit Flowers


syncopated eyeball said...

Ha ha ha! You're a wonderful nut!

Pat said...

What have you got against rivers?

libby said...

Oh your writing does make me laugh sometimes....thanks for that.

dinahmow said...

Just what I needed before breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Healing feet? Lilic urine?

wendy house said...

I want to read what goes beneath each of those titles, you are an awesome title producer

Gadjo Dilo said...

I like the 'healing feet' thinng: Kev Musgrove gets a new career as a geisha.

Scarlet Blue said...

Any healing urine?