Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Passing clouds

There's nothing more boring than listening to somebody droning on about a dream they had last night. So here goes then...

I quite often dream what appear to be fillums or television programmes.

The reason why I'm sure I dream in colour is because every so often I'll have a black-and-white fillum dream and the novelty is etched into my memory when I wake up. Just after Christmas a dream I was having featured some stunning cinematography. I've absolutely no idea what it was about but I remember a couple of iconic images I can't really do justice to. It was obviously set some time in the late forties/early fifties because of the fashions and the fact that there were a couple of bombed sites in the background. The buildings were tall, rectangular tenement-style blocks with tall, rectangular windows. I couldn't quite see the sky, but I suspect that was more due to my seeing the scenes as you would a fillum rather than the buildings being so very high. The sort of buildings you'll see in the backdrops to "Passport to Pimlico" or "The Third Man." Or The Broons. One of the scenes was in a small square, made slightly bigger by one corner's having been bombed out. Fifty or sixty small children, in flannel shorts or gingham dresses, scrubbed-up for Sunday were sitting around in groups, some accompanied by older people, sensibly-dressed, listening to some chap who was sitting on a dustbin with every appearance of rapt attention. I have no idea who he was or what he was saying.

I sometimes wake myself up laughing at some comedy programme I've been dreaming. More disturbingly, I've been known to wake other people up by laughing at some comedy programme I've been dreaming. There are reasons why I live alone. The other day's Morecambe & Wise version of Hamlet starring Raymond Baxter and Clodagh Rogers probably wasn't as funny as it seemed at the time.

Sometimes I take notes the moment I wake up, in a usually-vain attempt to remember what was going on. Which is why I've got a piece of paper that says:

For god's sake give the dog Two pounds of leeks

the time I was going to lose my virginity we were starting to melt into ea. others arms when we heard Neville Chamberlain say: no such undertakings having been made we have no alternative bt to declare war on germny. she said: 'you must do your duty for your country!" "I'm sure Herr Hitler won't mind waiting five minutes."

it's all lemon pips isn't it?

Nimbler minds than mine own would turn that into a series of vampire-related serials with an eye to the merchandising to baby Goths.


Gadjo Dilo said...

Is it just me, or are your dreams the episode of Dad's Army that was never broadcast?

syncopated eyeball said...

My socks were already off and now I'm wiggling my toes...where was I? Oh yes, I dream in colour at least some of the time too. Can I stop wiggling my toes now?

Madame DeFarge said...

I was thinking more Round the Horne than Dad's Army. But whatever, you need to stay in more and don't expose yourself to those nasty chemicals that rot your brain.

Pat said...

Dunno why but just at the beginning I got a picture of 'Shop at Sly Corner'
Were you even born when Neville was on the wireless?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Gadjo: I've had those, too.

eyeball: yes, you're one of us now. Welcome!

Madame DeF: possibly that way, yes.

Pat: definitely that sort of scene. My father is convinced I was around when Neville was on the wireless. Which impresses my mother no end.