Thursday, May 21, 2009


They're digging up the tramlines (again!) in Manchester City Centre so I'm either trudging between stations or getting a bus until the inevitable project over-runs take us into Christmas. This week we've been having bursts of absurd showers: one minutes it's sunny, next minute somebody's emptying their bath over your head, and the third it's sunny again. During one of the wet intervals I took what little shelter there is at Piccadilly Gardens.

Spotting a movement overhead I realised that the 'pigeon' sat on the lamppost was actually a peregrine falcon. The weather cleared, it shook itself dry and took off at a leisurely-but-menacing pace over to Market Street.

It's not so bad sometimes.


Gadjo Dilo said...

A peregrine falcon?? You're kidding. Were you also privileged to see it dive in a 199 mph "stoop" in order to snatch a kebab out of a pile of vomit on the pavement?

Scarlet-Blue said...

Funny you should mention it Gadj, but...
I live somewhere semi-rural and spotted some sort of bird of prey having a snooze on a TV aerial. The magpies seemed a little nonplussed.

KAZ said...

Those Manchester peregrines are getting quite famous.
I think they eat pigeons - but they'll soon be tame enough to swoop down and grab the salami out of your hand.

Gaw said...

I wish they'd fly down here to whack some of our cockney flying rats.

Mind you, the East Europeans, having eaten nearly all the fish and wildfowl from the canal, may start grazing a little more widely and solve the problem themselves.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Gadjo: about fifteen months ago I was lucky enough to see one stoop and just miss a pigeon over Cathedral Yard. Feathers and consternation all round.

Scarlet: I can always tell when the sparrowhawk's near my garden: the starlings all go quiet and the magpies go beserk.

Kaz: the Tib Street Flasher shall live in fear!

Gareth: you need a dose of Huge Barely-Withitall.

savannah said...

much better looking than the turkey vulture that decided to have his lunch in our front yard! xoxox