Monday, July 21, 2008

Unremitting awfulness

Another utterly awful working week and it's only Monday.

The usual commuter travails got me into work (there's no point in going into these: if you do public transport you'll know all about them from your own experience; if you don't you wouldn't believe me). A narrative elsewhere hints at some of the awfulnesses of the workplace. Seriously dehydrated I do the commute back home, the delays making it all the worse (no namby-pamby coffee shop facilities at Helminthdale Central).

I picked up a drink as I crossed Manchester city centre. Has it occurred to you just how difficult it is to find any cold drink on sale that doesn't include Aspartame? I can't stand the taste of Aspartame. In the end I gave up and picked up a bottle of Oasis, which boasted that it's full of natural juices. Yeeurgh! What's the point of putting sugar and Aspartame in a drink?

I got home, only to find that seeing as it's the first day in ten without rain the bloke two doors down had decided to set fire of a lot of damp shrubbery in his garden. And there, waiting on the doormat, was a letter from the NHS asking if I fancied putting myself in for vivisection in the name of science.

I gave up hard drink for this.


Kevin Musgrove said...

Good job I didn't have the heart to check on the cricket scores.

Ellis Nadler said...

How DOES one pronounce aspartame?

Kevin Musgrove said...

"Yeugh!" usually