Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkins to you, too, madam

Well-heeled couple and their unruly children mooching round St Ann's Square. Children accosting strangers in the dark and yelling: "Trick or treat!" I explain, gently, to one child that it isn't Halloween yet. "You're nine days early," I say.

Yummy-Mummy-manquée looks daggers at me. "Don't deprive them of their childhood! They should have something more than just a skinny frappucino with pistachio syrup and a harlequinade of gaily-coloured crushed macaroons! Look at Rosy-Chi-Chi's creative wearing of an off-the-peg Halloween urchin costume straight from Guardianista Pre-Loved Tat. Give them some money you unfeeling swine!"

Fuck off lady, I can't be doing with it.

I gave a pound to a beggar at the bottom of Deansgate.


dinahmow said...

You tell 'em, my lad.

Pat said...

Good choice.

Gadjo Dilo said...

"Don't deprive them of their childhood!" - ha, it's priceless, isn't it!! My advice is to shrug and tell her and her kids to fuck off in a foreign language (or even a made-up one), then she can't criticise you or she'll be racist.

Great that you're back blogging a bit, Kev - I've missed you.

martine said...

I had a random visitor from your old site and popped over. I missed your sense of humour ... rhino pooh to you too:-)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Ta dinahmow, Pat and Gadjo!

Hello again martine!