Monday, July 01, 2013

Cold hard reality

I was being principled and professional in the workplace concerning a piece of work involving my working a couple of evenings so that somebody could butter up a high-up in the proceedings.

"Just be careful you don't get the wrong people on your case about this," said my manager.

"I'm 52, what's left of my career has nowhere to go and I've seen more bigwigs come and go than I'd care to count. I'll try to do the right thing," I replied.

It's amazing the change of perspective you get when you hear yourself saying something like that.

I'm like the cockroach, me. Through no particular merit or skill, save the merest accident, I tend to survive the more Spectacular Talents.


Z said...

Many people underestimate the advantages of middle age. Not that I can specifically remember 52, mind you, except that it was when I started blogging.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Good grief Kevin you're only slightly older than I am - I'd assumed you were about 90!! Ha ha, only kidding mate.

I'm the same (though you don't want to hear that either): still with a tolerable career/wife/existence despite everything.

Pat said...

That's the stuff!