Saturday, January 19, 2013

Drums along the Mersey

one of Metrolink's new trams trolling for trade along the Bona Nanza

Visitors to our fair city are beguiled by the romance of the place names on our public transport systems. They marvel at the merest thought of St. Wereburglar, the patron saint of those who are law-abiding enough save under the influence of the full moon. They crowd over to MediaCit Yuk, the gleaming chromium-and-neon spires where once there were the skinners' yards, hoping to catch a glimpse of Simon Dee or even Michael Miles. And talk of Robert Shaw's Mumps makes young men quiver.

The trams are coming to Helminthdale. Sing calloo! calloo! callay!


libby said...

Jimmy Clitheroe.......I remember watching him when I was young...Brian Blessed is just ...well...a wall of sound ......and I used to fancy Simon Dee like mad........just sayin'.

Pat said...

Is that Michael Miles who used to work with Hughie Green? If so I worked with him and had berated him mistaking him for a Michael Mills. He was quite charming about my idiocy.

Kevin Musgrove said...

libby: I'm relieved you didn't fancy Jimmy Clitheroe.

Pat: The very same. :D