Saturday, July 07, 2012

If it's raining it must still be Summer

Up with the lark, tra la! -- so long as someone had coshed the lark with a sock full of wet sand -- to minister to the breakfast needs of The Small Object of Desire and The Cat I Don't Have. It is not a morning for delicate masculine sensibilities.

Looking at the state of the bath I wonder, yet again, that The Small Object isn't bald.

"You could stuff a good-sized middle-aged man with all that hair," I said.
"That had been my plan," she replied.
Waving her off to work with a cheery smile (which prompted her to point out that there's nothing erotic in "a grimace and a lot of snot-filled grunting"), I turned to look at the hall. Railway Cuttings will never be an Ideal Homes photoshoot but even by my standards it's got a bit untidy so I took to giving the stairs a sweep with the hand brush. The look of disgust that The Cat gave me as she stalked out of the front door will haunt me till lunch time.


Happy Frog and I said...

I keep trying to remind myself that if we were having a hot dry summer I'd be wishing for it to be cooler and for some rain to fall but it isn't working. Winter better be a scorcher.

Pat said...

Like the repartee:)