Friday, March 09, 2012

Update from the Matto Grosso

As per usual, the garden is in a bit of a state. In part this is down to my lassitude; in part due to spending half of each week over at The Small Object of Desire's gaff. And then in January we decided to set to it:

  • We had a go at installing the fence panels I bought last March. I might have a go at supergluing the bits together again.

  • The front garden is piled knee-high with prunings of lilac, hazel, dogwood and roses. I may yet make a bonfire.

  • Many of last year's cheeky lengeths of brambles have been grubbed out and chopped back...

Which is where I came a cropper. A particularly egregious bramble shoot ran from the bramble patch on the railway embankment, shot up the air, wrapped itself round a branch of the conifer about twelve feet up and then descended into my garden, rooting itself along the length of the back border. So I decided: I'm having you, you bastard.

And that's what I was doing when I fell out of the tree.

Luckily, no bones broken though quite considerable pain and a full Robert Newton Long John limp right up to the beginning of last week.

In the meantime, the garden's been full of snowdrops and crocus and a cluster of double hellebores has been doing the business since Christmas. Not one daffodil yet, dammit. The big pot that should be chock full of Salome and February Gold has been waterlogged all winter after an ants' nest clogged up the drainage holes (silly buggers). I have hopes of the venerable clump of King Alfreds under the big rose bush but I reckon I'll be doing some bulb-buying come the Autumn.

I intend filling all the gaps with foxgloves and ox-eye daisies.

When I get round to it.


dinahmow said...

Sorry about the Bob Newton list (oo! 'e were good, werent 'e!), but the rest sounds lovely.Remaining bits, not rest on laurels!

Anonymous said...

your garden sounds wonderful

Scarlet Blue said...

Nothing worse than something irritating running the length of your back border.

Nota Bene said...

Kevin 1 Scramble 0 after a hard fought battle I hope

Pat said...

Were you alone when you fell out of the tree?
Always have yur mobile to hand.
I'd swap my daffs for your snow drops any day of the week.

Kevin Musgrove said...

dinahmow: ta! I won't be allowed to.

nursemyra: it is, but in lots of wrong ways :-)

Scarlet: especially something prickly around the back passage.

Nota Bene: tooth and claw it was, tooth and claw

Pat: The Small Object Of Desire and the cat that isn't mine were nearby watching in astonishment.

savannah said...

i have a brown thumb, sugar, so we pay a gardener to come by every other week and sort it all out. *sigh* i do wish i had a lovely garden. xoxoxox