Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Donkey floss

Judging by the overgrown state of the near side of the garden we won't be short on wild garlic or boysenberries this year. The damson has just come into bloom and there's quite a lot of sturdy growth on the blackcurrants. This year I shall be paying a but more attention to the gooseberry bush; between the attentions of gooseberry sawfly and a rambling rose I thought I'd disposed of two years ago it had a fret time of it this year.

All this will no doubt be superintended by Hugh, the cat I do not have. Hugh's current sleeping quarters vary between my front doorstep, under the lilac tree and under next door's car. All this despite the fact that next door went to the trouble of buying it a covered cat bed and putting it inside their wash house doorway, well away from wind and rain. I am assured that This Is How Cats Are and it accords with all my experience of the beasts. Having been acquainted for nearly two years it surprised me that I've only just noticed that Hugh is, in fact, a little kiddie's cartoon cat. He really is a rectangle with little stubbly legs and a bit of a tail stuck on one corner.

Hugh the cat


Pat said...

My attitude to our neighbours cat - who uses the garden as his personal loo, changed after I saw a mouse.
The hisses have changed to blown kisses.
All steadfastly ignored.

Nota Bene said...

Rudyard Kipling had a good take on cats

Scarlet Blue said...

Do you feed Hugh? I want a new cat... even a stray. They are good company.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: how do you train a cat to blow kisses?

Nota Bene: This is very true. And baby elephants.

Worry ye not, Scarlet, he's better fed than I am.