Monday, January 02, 2012

Bank holiday television

You can tell it's a bank holiday Monday by the state of the programmes they put on the telly, though God knows it gets more like a perpetual bank holiday every day:

  • There is, of course, no news .

  • On Channel Five a bunch of oddly-wrought blokes from places you've never heard of (including Dartford) are competing for the title of "The World's Strangest Man."

  • On Alibabble, Miss Marple forsakes St. Mary Mead to spend a weekend at Melchester to watch Roy of the Rovers pit his footballing skills against Billy the Fish.

  • Oh goodie. A special holiday showing of " Indiana Potter and
    the Eggheads of Hollyoaks."

I'm looking forward to later tonight when Tess Daley and Nick Knowles present "Zoo Time" live from the Trocadero, Southport.


Don't unplug your hub said...

The radio is good.

Scarlet Blue said...

The popular night club in Dartford was usually referred to as 'Flicks' but I do recall that it was renamed 'The Library'. Thought you would like to know that!

Pat said...

Nothing like good book.

Nota Bene said...

Tuesday now. Normality resumed

libby said...

Surely, given the eleventymillion channels there are these days you could find something more to your taste? Delinquents Dowsing in Dartmoor? Grouting for the groovy?

Anonymous said...

Who won on channel 5?

Anonymous said...

Hey - I just received your Xmas card. Better late than never, thank you for thinking of me xx

Kevin Musgrove said...

Don't unplug...: It is, thank God!

Scarlet: :-D

Pat: That, too.

Nota Bene: we wouldn't know about normal in this house

libby: Even the Watching Paint Dry Channel was showing re-runs of Strictly Flogging A Dead Horse

nursemyra: It was a bloke from Serbia with no vowels in his surname and a neck thicker than his shoulders.

Glad you got the card; Xmas was a bit of a surprise last year!