Thursday, March 24, 2011

How are you, then, this fine morning?

One of those mornings where the front garden is full of the smell of new pine fence panels and primroses. I have decided that I need to make the time to enjoy these things while they are available.

As we join the motorway the car in front of us is a pretend sports car: a four-door saloon with a drop top and pretensions. It's such a nice morning that we forgive the driver the coat hangers on the backs of the seats. If we ever get a sports car we'll have a Corby trouserpress in the back.


worm said...

It is indeed a fine morning Kevin! Once you've got the trouser press installed, all you need is a Teasmade

Scarlet Blue said...

I think I will buy you a sports car just to make real the vision.

nursemyra said...

....and I'll be there to take the photos Scarlet

Lulu LaBonne said...

Nothing better than a fine English morning - especially if wearing pressed trousers

savannah said...

i'd like to ride shotgun, if that's ok, sugar! ;~D xoxoxoxo

Gadjo Dilo said...

This sound of this 'we' is surely the most pleasant aspect of this pondering.

Pat said...

'I have decided that I need to make the time to enjoy these things while they are available.'
Best idea you've had in a while:)

syncopated eyeball said...

You sound carefree. How wonderful!

Anonymous said...

What a lively sight, with all of us waving and cheering. (Much better than a Royal Wedding!) my word ver. is furtle

Kevin Musgrove said...

worm: in the dashboard! How true.

Scarlet: bless you lady!

nursemyra: we'll pose at Brooklands.

Lulu: yes, indeedy!

savannah: we'll put you on the muffin machine. :-)

Gadjo: it is, indeed (when we're not poking each other with sticks to make sure we're awake).

It is, Pat.

eyeball: nearly, most of the time, thanks

moreidelthoughts: we shall all have sports cars, dammit, replete with trouser presses, integrated wine coolers, teasmaids and little fires for toasting marshmallows. Huzzah!

Sorry, got carried away and a bit giddy.