Tuesday, November 30, 2010


It's been snowing in Manchester. Not the deep and crisp and even sort of snow. Just that typically-English light dusting, just enough to make it treacherous underfoot. People walking down Deansgate like so many Lego men. That sort of snow.

A bunch of us were crossing Lloyd Street when a middle-aged pig on a bicycle heaved into us all, shouting: "Get out of the way you fucking morons!" Which was a bit much given that most of us were halfway across the road before he'd even got to the junction and turned right into the road. He was a bit taken aback by the pedestrians' volley of well-meaning advice, though most of it would have been anatomically impossible, even with the best-greased of bicycles.


Anonymous said...

It brings to mind the sort of end-of-year cartoons Giles did. I can see Grandma using her brolly most effectively!

Madame DeFarge said...

Stand up for pedestrian rights.

Charlie said...

I've heard that piano wire stretched across the roadway works quite well with rude people on bicycles, motor scooters, and motorcycles.

"Off with their heads!" I believe was coined by irate English pedestrians.

savannah said...

and what would he have done if all y'all had stopped in the middle of the road out of complete and total fright??? xoxoxox

oh yeah, the holiday fun is just beginning, sugarpie!

nursemyra said...

Thankfully we don't get snow in Sydney. Yet.

Scarlet Blue said...

We've had snow in Devon! We were the only place in the country without and now it's drifted to us.
I'd set the cows on the cyclist - that'd sort him.

Pat said...

Now you've made me feel homesick.


Pat said...

Nurse Myra: how's the cricket going?

Don't hit me - I'm an old lady.

Kevin Musgrove said...

moreidlethought: exactly so now you come to mention it. That would have been choice.

Madame deF: I've no option, they're the only one left me.

Charlie: that actually happened recently near Pat's old stomping ground.

savannah: fun and frolic, my dear, fun and frolic.

nursemyra: first week in January, you just watch.

Scarlet: ruthless, that's what you are. :)

Pat: you mischief you! :)

John said...

We had a fellow do the same thing to us. Once he got down from his bike he discovered all my mates were well over 6-foot-2 and discovered courtesy in a hurry

Kevin Musgrove said...

Hello and welcome John! I wish I'd been there.