Thursday, November 04, 2010

Like you do

I once had cause to throw a rose into the English Channel. You don't need to know why, it doesn't take a lot of scratching of my surface to uncover a rich seam of cloying Victorian sentimentality. Any sensible practical person would have gone out on a boat or ferry and dropped the rose off into the briny somewhere along the way as they leant against the railings. Being neither of these I decided it would be a good idea to take a walk along to the end of a very long breakwater. In a south-westerly gale. Half an hour later, what was left of the rose managed to land in the water and the job was done.

A lad should know his strengths. I have a facility for turning high melodrama into low farce.


nursemyra said...

ah but you do it in a wonderful way

Pat said...

Be thankful dear it was just a rose and not- as we had in our sailing days - a bucket of slops:)

Scarlet Blue said...

...same here, Kev.
I was once trying to have a melodramatic moment... but I ruined it by dropping my purse down the loo.

Kevin Musgrove said...

nursemyra: and thank you.

Pat: I remember half of our school class having to be taught the hard way about which side of the Isle of Man Ferry you need to be sick at.

Scarlet: my word! You've got me beat there kid.