Monday, June 21, 2010


In an interview in London I was once asked what was the best cultural event I'd ever been to. I answered that I'd seen Shakespeare in Stratford; von Stroheim in Edinburgh; opera, dance and all sorts of theatre but the single best cultural event I'd ever been to was a Frank Sidebottom gig in a working men's club in Timperley. The audience were all grown-ups with all the cares of the world about their shoulders but for a couple of glorious hours they were allowed out on licence and were eight years old again, laughing and singing and joyful in their tomfoolery.

This is by way of an entirely inadequate thank-you.

Godspeed, Chris.


Pat said...

Good answer. How did it go down?

lisleman said...

only 54 - thats much too young.

Does it seems that comics die too young too often.

thanks for letting me know this.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pat: it wasn't the right answer. ):

lisleman: no problem. He was a mate of my brother's and a very nice bloke.