Friday, June 04, 2010

Hello hello

For some time now my local railway station has been kitted out not just with new tannoys but also induction loops for hearing-impaired people. Presumably this latter is to fulfil obligations under the disability acts. Neither seems knowingly attached to anything and we certainly don't get any announcements but it's good to know that we have an equality of access to no information about our train services.


Charlie said...

No information is better than bad information (I just made that up).

Where is your sense of adventure? Board a train, any train, and see where it takes you.

dinahmow said...

Will this new system also translate the old "the train on platform slevn is now departing for mstedon, stopping at est ithe, iddlton, ewe and mortn stey mar. All aborrrrrd!

savannah said...

equality of non information which is different from disinformation and probably just about as useful, sugar. xoxoxo

Scarlet Blue said...

Maybe you're deaf, Kev... and the deaf system doesn't work?

Pat said...

does it mean you have to put things in your ears which have been in other ears? I wouldn't fancy that.

Joanna Cake said...

Ruf and I are still trying to work out how it can cost half as much to travel the 100 miles from Birmingham to London AND BACK than the 30 from London out to the Essex sticks one way.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Charlie: I was at that library seminar.

(Where's my sense of adventure? Board a train and see if it takes me!)

dinahmow: indeedy doody. And also "this is a plfmaltrashunthe train on plfumuemwmimullnowbedpar tunfrum."

savannah: precisely so

Scarlet: I heard that. Pardon?

Pat: no, thank God! (yuk), if the induction loop ever gets plugged in then people whose hearing aids have a switch marked 'T' can pick up the message.

Joanna: or how 225 weekday return tickets from Manchester to London would have paid for my house when I bought it.