Friday, September 05, 2008

Thoughts from abroad

Just killing time while my hosts do things a guest shouldn't be privy to...

It's a funny thing, the thing that's irritating me most about the two-people-divided-by-a-common-language thing is this keyboard. Why " and @ are swapped around between the UK and US keyboards I do not know but it annoys the hell out of me when I'm touch-typing.

It won't surprise you that being in the States requires a lot of car journeys. It does surprise me just how much roadkill there is on the verges compared to English roads. I suppose it's noticeable because they've still got some animals bigger than a rabbit that aren't fenced in by farmers. Today I've spotted badger, raccoon and a couple of armadillos. The armadillos are particularly noteworthy because they look very, very rude: for one thing they're naked, for another they're fleshy pink, and for a last they're ribbed for added pleasure.

As we were driving back to Fort Baxter I noticed a truck pull into the verge (these trucks are about the size of a terrace of houses). A burly trucker got out and gently lifted out two small pug dogs which then wandered off for a natural break.


Can Bass 1 said...

Oh Mr Musgrove, what have you done? Can I list my favourite books-that-have-subsequently-been-ruined-by-the-cretins-at-cinema-HQ instead? Sorry to be so ungrateful, but I have a long-standing allergy to all things cinematographic. I can furnish you with a medical certificate, if so required.

Kevin Musgrove said...

cb1: yes, of course you can!