Wednesday, June 11, 2008


My bathroom cabinet shocks me.

I'd gone up to get some Fiery Jack to try and sort out a back ache (how did that happen? I'm not even in a relationship) and for some reason I noticed just how full the cabinet is these days. Back when I started this household there wasn't much in there: a bottle of aspirins, a spare toothbrush, a box of plasters (just in case) and a sentimental bar of soap, of which we shall say no more than it's never been removed from its wrapper (I know the way some of you think). These days, it's jam-packed with old man's unguents, anti-histamines, tubular bandages and the like. Who needs nine eye baths? I don't even have nine eyes.

Most depressing of all is the unopened packet of three (still with the Utility mark) that came to the house with me.

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