Thursday, April 04, 2013

Spring song

a courting coupleImagine my delight at seeing Annabel Clarabelle Jane
Walking her pet poodle down a country lane.
She caught my eye (I'd thrown it), she gave a saucy grin.
We tied the dog securely outside the village inn.
I went to buy some condoms and she drank a quart of gin
And the landlord went and put it on my slate.
The blaze of her eyes and the curl of her hair and
The curves and the dimples I found here and there
All in an April's day.

Her father grew tomatoes, the biggest that I've ever seen
And had a pet green budgie - Priscilla Desert Queen.
He has tattoos of ladies' loos from airports round the globe;
And keeps mousetraps in oddment scraps torn from a Papal robe;
And something rather grisly hanging from a nasal lobe
But I didn't care to take too close a look.
The blaze of her eyes and the curl of the hair and
The fun that we had when her parents weren't there
All in an April's day.


dinahmow said...

April's first day?

Scarlet Blue said...

Too cold for all that sort of malarkey... let's wait until May.

Gadjo Dilo said...

Blimey, that's better than Betjeman! I once had a girlfriend like that. Welsh, she was - being born up the arse end of a valley can do strange things to a person.

Kim Velk said...

Did you write that? I already suspected you were some kind of genius, now I know...

Where are the Macarthur people and their heavy checkbook?

Kevin Musgrove said...

dinahmow: You know by now that every day's a fool's day round here.

Scarlet: It's never too cold for all that sort of malarkey. That's what the Damart condoms are for.

Gadjo and Kim: I blush at such praise. Thank you.