Monday, September 10, 2012

Bone idle

All those things I put off until I had a bit of time to do it...

  • Get some sleep.
  • Read some of the books in that big pile on the sofa.
  • Clean the bathroom.
  • Vacuum the window ledges.
  • Watch The Small Object of Desire de-flea The Cat I Do Not Have.
  • Chop down all those dogwood bushes that have erupted in the front garden.
  • De-flea  The Small Object of Desire after she's finished de-fleaing The Cat I Do Not Have.
  • Do something about that back fence without hurting myself this time.
  • Chop back the boysenberry jungle in the back garden.
  • Write some blog posts about Julian and Sandy; the rĂ´le of licorice allsorts in parliamentary democracy; speckled woods: bully boys of the brambles; and, perhaps Titch and Quackers.
  • Do something about that pile of clothes on the spare bed.
  • Take those jackets to the dry-cleaners.
  • Clean that window. You know, *that* one..
  • Write some posts in the serious blog about systemic failures in public library strategy; social media as stock promotion tools; and integrating back-office systems.
  • Empty the cat litter tray that The Cat I Do Not Have only uses as my 4 o'clock alarm clock.
  • Edit the contents of the fridge
  • Find that sock that fell behind the cooker
What I actually did...


savannah said...

i watched (american) football, sweetpea! all afternoon!!!!!

dinahmow said...

All worthy pursuits I suppose, but I can't get past the Lord Peter Wimsy-ness of the sock behind the cooker. Could there be a best seller in this...?

libby said...

So having written the list you are now further forward than you were before....well done...I'd now have a lie down if I were you..........

Scarlet Blue said...

The longer you leave that sock the fluffier it will get.
One of life's great metaphors.

Pat said...

It's the thought that counts.

Indigo Roth said...

Hola Kevin! Julian and Sandy! Titch and Quackers! YEEEEES! Indigo

Pearl said...

You meant well.



Nota Bene said...

That's a good list. But making a list wasn't on your list

wendy house said...

outstanding achievement.

Happy Frog and I said...

To turn a list about procrastination into a viable blog post takes a level of skill I can only aspire to. Good work.

Murr Brewster said...

You'll have to retrieve the sock and throw it away properly or you'll NEVER find its mate.

abigail said...
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