Saturday, January 28, 2012

Zoo Quest To The West Country

Armand and Michaela Denis film one of the localsWe'd decided - finally! - to go on our first proper holiday, as opposed to the occasional day out and that week we spent in bed. We were a bit tentative as we're both picky sociopaths so we decided that we'd best move about a bit, just in case. So we did a lightning visit to the pointy bit at the bottom of the country. (Alas, too fleeting to give a shout to them nice Pat and Scarlet.) After a few nice days we pootled back home, taking a meandering track that would eventually get us back hereabouts...

There was a giant flea Market at Newton Poppleford. Imagine our dismay to find that they were, in fact, selling giant fleas.

The gents lavatory at Bridgewater had advertisements for Easter eggs, which is wrong on so very many levels

Egad!!! I am sure I bumped into Armand and Michaela Denis in the Book Barn at Hallatrow on the way over to Mummerset. They were filming the habits of two middle-aged ladies who were complaining that the Shell Guide to Gardening wasn't in the conchology section.

"I've never read a Jilly Cooper book, have you?"
"I don't know that I have."

Oh come now! You'd know if you had…

There were acres and acres of Thackery and Dickens and yards of Collins pocket literature. Meanwhile, as always, the collectors of detective fiction hang onto their spoils. And I really have to ask: were there really that many copies of John Halifax, Gentleman printed?

In Bath we met a chap by the river who invited us to his 53rd birthday. We were politely non-committal; as a rule we don't accept party invitation from people who are foaming at the mouth. Especially not when it's still only ten in the morning. It's a bit too much like being back at work.


Anonymous said...

Your holiday sounds rather like Three Men in a Boat. Minus the boat and two of the men. Plus one woman.

zmkc said...

I envy you that week you spent in bed.

Pat said...

I'm deeply hurt. I don't know about Scarlet. Do try harder next time.

Nota Bene said...

Selling giant fleas? Surely they should have been free?

Happy Frog and I said...

Ah that's where I'm going wrong, I accept party invitations from all and sundry. I should learn your restraint.

Syncopated Eyeball said...

You're so funny, Kevin! Please excuse my long absense.

Also I see you have been spammed by the very persistent Canada Goose mob. I live in Australia, what on earth would I do with their cold weather garb?

Wordpress sends them straight to my spam file. One of the reasons I prefer WP to blogger.

I hope you're well, it certainly sounds like it! x

Kevin Musgrove said...

nursemyra: and the dog and stuff, but I know what you mean, thanks :-)

zmkc: so do I: I'm knackered

Pat: Sorry, dear. Had we but more time...

Nota Bene: free fleas? We'd have to buy three.

Happy Frog and you: we learned our lesson after one of last year's leaving do's

Eyeball: hello again! No apologies necessary, I'm only part-time these days. Blogger's usually better than this at catching spam. (grrr...)