Monday, March 21, 2011

In memoriam

Just a very brief, and sad, note to mourn the passing of two of the splendid people on my blogroll. Kaz and Gerald will both be greatly missed for their friendliness and wit.

Sympathies and best wishes to their friends and families.


Charlie said...

My condolences to both of their families and loved ones.

Anonymous said...

Two of the blogging fraternity who always made me smile.
Sweet words, Kevin.Thanks.

Scarlet Blue said...

A sad day.

Pat said...

I am so sad to hear this although I didn't know Gerald, and only knew Kaz through other bloggers, but she has been in my prayers ever since.
May they both rest in peace.

nursemyra said...

I didn't know Kaz but often visited Gerald's blog. such very sad news.