Friday, August 06, 2010

Let's parler franglais

I've long since stopped trying to fathom out how, or if, my mind works. For whatever reason, I was reminded of this hoary old chestnut on the bus home tonight. I expect it was told by Stainless Steven or someone of that vintage, back when the menfolk in their audience had a smattering of French after their participation in the first unpleasantness...

The lady two doors down has been taking French lessons and she's getting to be a bit of a bore about it. She keeps dropping phrases into her everyday conversation to show off a bit. Anyway she got her comeuppance the other day. She'd written a note to the coalman saying:

"Voulez-vouz donnez-moi un ton de nutty slack."

So he wrote her a note back.

"Certainments, madame, do you want it a la carte or cul de sac?"


dinahmow said...

Gor blimey! I haven't heard that in years!
Like those "I say,I say" gags that fade out and then youngsters, who've not yet learned smut, dust them off.

Charlie said...

Not to disparage your mind, but that is a rather odd thought whilst riding the bus.

I wonder which one she chose after her faux pas.

Kevin Musgrove said...

dinahmow: it's a bit clever for the young folk round here!

Charlie: disparage away, I'm constantly baffled by it.

nursemyra said...