Sunday, June 20, 2010

From the observatory

My small niece has an unerring sense of logic. She is also cursed with her uncle's gift of commentary.

She had popped in at my parents' house, as is her wont, to cadge rather a lot of toast off my dad. And a bit of cheese please. And some more toast.

"You know how my dad supports Man City..." she said, "well, I support them, too. But I shouldn't really, should I? When I came out of my mummy's tummy I was in Middlesborough, so I should support Middlesborough, shouldn't I?"

To his credit, my father reassured her that it wasn't compulsory. The child is of mixed parentage - Lancashire and Yorkshire. It's quite funny listening to her talk as she's got her mother's Middlesborough quirks like "cayek" for "cake," but all with our southern Mancunian accent.

A little later, her mother wanted to know why she hadn't eaten her dinner. My dad owned up and got a rollicking for it. As the fur subsided my niece turned to him and said:

"Don't take any notice. Parents get like that when they're old. They go all yaddadadayaddayadda. They can't help it."


Anonymous said...


Pat said...

She sounds fun to have around.
And does she prefer the white or the red rose?

Scarlet Blue said...

Lancashire hotpot and Yorkshire pud... crikey but I'm hungry now..

Daphne Wayne-Bough said...

That's what I call a pincer movement. I like grandparents.

worm said...

"The child is of mixed parentage - Lancashire and Yorkshire"

love it!!! :D

Lulu LaBonne said...

I love the way that grandparents get to throw off the cares of parenting and entice their grandchildren into naughtiness (this is coming from a non-parent obviously)

Kevin Musgrove said...

moreidlethoughts: precisely so

Pat: the red, of course!

Scarlet: I shall blame you for this sudden craving for red cabbage.

Daphne: they weren't like this as parents, I can tell you!

worm: though we do get together every so often to gang up on the southerners.

Lulu: just as I was moaning to Daphne