Saturday, December 19, 2009

Always a soft touch for a bit of elfin

It's not entirely EmmaK's fault.

Coincidentally, I'd gone for a meal with friends the other night and was surprised to see that one of them has grown her hair out a bit so that it's an elfin bob rather than the usual very attractive sandpaper. As the lady is not available for bothering I took the opportunity to do a full appraisal and very nice she looked, too. Even so far as to join her partner in paying her a few compliments, which is a 100% sure way of winding up middle-aged women when you're in a mischievous mood. So it's not entirely EmmaK's fault.

The truth of the matter is: show me a gamine with an elfin bob and I'll go all Wembley at the knees every time.

Life is full of trials and tribulations.


Madame DeFarge said...

I shall cut my hair henceforth and forthwith. You can call me 'Bob'. M. DeFarge may grumble, but it would be worth it to bring a cheery smile to your face.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Scottish and a bob, Madame, is not fighting fair. (-:

savannah said...

*sigh* that will never ever be me, sugar. my curls can't be tamed. xoxoxo

Gadjo Dilo said...

"the lady is not available for bothering..." Oh Kevin dear Kevin come over here this instant and we can fix you up! Louise Brooks though, hard for a woman to compete with anyone as watchable as her.

Mary B. said...
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Scarlet Blue said...

...I have a collection of acrylic wigs. Electrical when teamed with my nylon nightie.

Madame DeFarge said...

Looks like there's an echo after Gadjo. Very odd.

EmmaK said...

Both the elfin and the louise brooks bob are very hard to pull off unless you have cheekbones to cut ice with and stunning looks. Beauty does not bring happiness alas, Brooks was an alcoholic and Jean Seberg topped herself leaving the note "Forgive me I can no longer live with my nerves."

Kevin Musgrove said...

savannah: the curls are part of your charm my dear!

Gadjo: it's quite liberating to know that somebody absolutely isn't available because you can browse at leisure with no obligations. (-: In this case I was taken unawares and had one of those "bloody hell, that's an attractive woman!" moments.

Scarlet you might need that combination now you're in Tarka country.

Madame DeF: it was an advertising ploy somehow generated.

EmmaK: it tends to be a combination of cheekbones, eyes and neck. I once made a complete ass of myself after falling in love with a woman's jaw line.

It is sad but true about both ladies.