Monday, June 15, 2009


So anyway, there I was, wondering what to write. I had debated writing about the horrible coincidence of the commemoration of D Day and people voting Nazis into the European Parliament. I wondered if this would be the point where I held forth on my view that voting should be compulsory, the point being that spoilt ballots would also be counted and reported so that any politician who got a bit above themselves "by mandate of the people" could be reminded that they came second in the ballot. Or that if people can't find anything to vote for they should find something they can vote against (which is, I fear, precisely what many BNP voters did). It will be a cold day in Hell before I vote Conservative but given the stark choice between them and the BNP that day will have arrived and I'd vote Tory without blinking. I wondered if it was a forlorn hope that the election of BNP MEPs would give them the opportunity to expose themselves as thick-headed idiots, such as many of their councillors did.

I wondered all that. And then I thought no, it was a better use of my time on this planet to think about ladies' bottoms. So I'll write some other time.

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KAZ said...

Oh Dear - I could never ever have imagined voting Tory. But yes I would too in such a situation.

Bring back 'The Anti Nazi League'.